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Company Policy


OUR IMS COMPANY POLICY (9001-14001-45001)

With the awareness of our sector, by using all kinds of technology in today’s conditions, to provide customer-oriented building and office services management solutions that are in line with the expectations of our customers in the fields of total building and office services, consultancy and project management services, reliable, compatible with legal and applicable conditions, and a name of quality in the sector, in line with becoming a company identified with trust and confidence;

  • To offer solutions related to building and office services management appropriate to the customer structure,
  • To create employment of personnel and other resources suitable for the projects,
  • To create and develop quality awareness at all levels,
  • To detect and eliminate factors that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases in our enterprises,
  • Ensure that all our employees, suppliers and visitors comply with the established OHS rules,
  • To follow technological developments in Occupational Health and Safety and direct our investments accordingly,
  • To detect pollution at its source and minimize pollution by paying attention to environmental safety,
  • To focus on the consumption of reusable and recyclable materials as much as possible in order to reduce the use of natural resources,
  • To continuously improve our renewed management system with the suggestions of our employees, solution partners and customers by ensuring the participation of all employees,

We are committed to improving our service quality by increasing awareness of the social environment we live in, striving to reduce pollution and establishing a livable world.

Publication Date: 25.01.2021
Revision No: 1