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Design & Build


Workplace Design Consulting

Workplace design consultancy primarily focus on the process of identifying and implementing strategic improvements in an office. Consultancy is started by looking at who you are as a business, what you need from a workspace to succeed and how best to optimise your office space for maximum benefit.
We assess the office, identify opportunities for improvement, and formulate a plan to execute those changes. Our main aim is to develop workplace support for employees and reduce overhead.

Interior Design

Office interior design is of great importance for vibrant, productive workplaces. As Meetrooms, we offer workspaces that inspire employees, increase their motivation and performance, by creating workplaces that contain brand messages and strengthen company culture. In design, we balance aesthetics with functionality, health and performance. As a result, we maximize return on investment by creating productive work environments.

Furniture Solutions

In office furniture design, budget, performance and aesthetics will definitely determine your choices. Meetrooms offers solitions that meet all three of these areas. A well-designed office furniture project can save you unnecessary expense and trouble. Today, there are many alternatives for office furniture in different quality, cost and usage. Whatever your preferences or requirements, the most important component is good design. Proper furniture planning can make the difference between a successful office project and an office project that never quite meets your expectations.

Project & Construction Management

Project & Construction management involves managing and organizing each part of the project lifecycle from ideation to completion. It is a holistic practice that aims to deliver projects on time and under budget. Construction project management is a complex discipline that requires many important aspects to be addressed, including cost control, scheduling, procurement and risk assessment. Project managers interact with all team members involved in a construction project, from architects to owners and contractors.


We are with you in all matters related to corporate office services in Turkey and Central Asia. With our offices in both the UK and Turkey, we are just a phone call away to meet face-to-face for all your projects.

Contact us at or by phone at +90 216 368 80 29 / +44 777 858 75 96